Finding out I was pregnant

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It was back in December 2015. My husband and I had been married for just over a year. When we got married, was decided that we would wait a year to start a family. It had been a year, we talked about it and agreed that I would get off the pill. Fast forward to April 2016. We were on vacation in New York City. I had horrible menstrual cramps and achy breasts – I knew my period was starting soon. I was walking around with a tampon in my pocket – that’s how sure I was.

Almost a week later, we flew home and still no period. Our flight landed late, we went to bed. The next morning, I told my husband that my period was over a week late and he had a look of terror on his face! I took a pregnancy test and as i watched my pee move across the result window, it instantly showed 2 solid pink lines. I took another one – same thing. I was pregnant!! I took both sticks out to show my husband and he was floored! It had only been 3 months… did this happen already!? We were both pretty amazed!

I had always dreamed about having a family and being a Mom. For me, it was a must have! My husband was a little more on the fence about it – he could have gone either way. Well, there was no going back now. Ready or not, here comes baby!

I called my doctor to set up an appointment. They said they would only see my after 6 weeks! 6 weeks?!? I thought i would go in the next day to see them. They said before 6 weeks, there is really not much they can see or do to confirm other than what I did (pee on a stick).

At 7 weeks I went to see my doctor. First thing they did was had me pee in a cup. Then it was time to do an ultrasound. Since it was so early in the pregnancy, the ultrasound was done with a wand internally (instead of on the outside of my belly). They confirmed that I was pregnant. There was a tiny sac with a bunch of cells in it essentially. They said to come back in a week and we can take a look again. I got a call a few days later saying that my urine showed I had a bladder infection and was low on vitamin D (so, they put me on some antibiotics and vitamin D supplements).

I came back at almost 9 weeks and again, they had me pee in a cup. Then it was time for an internal ultrasound again. As I lay there waiting for a clear picture I heard this super fast woosh woosh woosh woosh. I said “OMG, is that the…” My doctor said “yep, that’s your baby’s heartbeat!”. I was soo excited to hear it and I could SEE it took. It was amazing. My baby had a heartbeat and was a little person. I had decided I wanted to do the blood test to check for genetic disorders and to check the gender. In order to do this, they had to draw 8 little vials of blood!!! Thankfully the nurse was so great at it, I hardly felt it. When she was done, I asked “will I be OK without all that blood?!” She said yes I would be fine. The doctor said they would have results in a week and would give me a call.

They called me the next week and said the test all came out fine and I was having A BOY! At first I was a little bit disappointed. I am such a girly girl, what I am going to do with a boy?! But I quickly got over that – writing this now as my son is 15 months old – I LOVE having a little boy!

After that, I would see my doctor once a month for a while. Once I got closer to the due date, I saw her every two weeks. Then when I was REALLY close to due date, I saw her every week. Each time, she would listen to the heartbeat and measure my belly. I saw a specialist once each trimester to do the baby’s anatomy scans. These are super in depth ultrasounds that show all the baby’s organs, bones, and blood supply. They are AMAZING!

My pregnancy was a pretty easy one. I had a tiny bit of nausea in the beginning but that thankfully never experienced full blown morning sickness. I had a tough time adjusting to laying on my side – I have always been a stomach sleeper. I also had some really bad sciatica pain towards the end of my pregnancy. I went to The Walking Store and got my feet analyzed. They then suggested good shoes and insoles for me. Those made a HUGE difference and really helped me. I also had pretty bad heartburn. I had Pepcid AC chewable tablets everywhere – in my car, in my desk at work, in my kitchen, on my bedside table in my bedroom. They really helped.

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