C-Section Experience

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When the last month of my pregnancy rolled around, I was ready! I was TERRIFIED of giving birth but I was big, bloated and tired and ready to get the show on the road already!

At that point, I was seeing my OB once a week. I went in for my 37 weeks appointment and they checked baby’s heart beat (like they usually did) and then my doctor said she was going to check my progress. Then came the rather uncomfortable process of her checking my cervix thickness. Needless to say that was not pleasant! Then she said, “looks like we won’t see him this week….see you next week”. I proceeded to get the same answer for the next appointment.

The week before my due date, my doctor said that since my son was measuring big and I was rather small to not be surprised if we end of needing a C-Section. I went home and talked to my husband and wondered, if we might end up needing a C-Section, should we just start there? Being that I have a pretty low pain tolerance, I was scared of any kind of surgery but I was also scared of labor! I was worried about it all to be honest. The more I thought about it, I thought it would be really tough to get induced, go through hours of labor and then end up needing to have a C-Section. I also did not like just sitting around waiting for labor – which I had no idea what it would feel like or when it would start! At least with the C-Section I knew when it was coming.

On my due date, I saw my OB and asked her if we could just schedule a C-Section. She said that most likely, in order for medical insurance to cover it, it needed to medically necessary. In my case, she was safe saying it was medically necessary so she said we could do it. She said she was going to have her nurse talk to scheduling at the hospital but surgery would most likely be the next day! WOAH! Stuff got real then! Sure enough I got a call later that day that we were to show up at the hospital to check in at 9:30am the next day and surgery was at Noon. They said I could have no food after 8pm. My husband and I went out for nice dinner, I took a nice long bath, shaved my legs and under arm, and got a good night’s rest!

The next morning, I took another shower (I had no idea when I would be able to again!) and we packed up the car with our infant car seat (it felt so odd that we would be coming home with a baby in there finally), our backpack (we knew that with the C section we would be in the hospital for a few days), and our goodie bag for nurses (I highly recommend putting together a gift bag of goodies for your nurses!) and we were off.

We had preregistered at the hospital months before (which I recommend doing if your hospital allows it) so it was super easy to check in. Then we handed over the credit card to pay our co-pay. They took us to pre-op and gave us instructions – put on the gowns, booties and head cover.

The nurse gave me my IV (which was literally the most painful part of the whole pre-op process). Then it was a waiting game. My OB came in to check on me and let me know what the expect. The anesthesiologist (who thought the surgery was at 12:30 and not noon) came in to chat with me. He apologized that he was running late. He gave me an amazing run down of what I could expect with my spinal block in the OR. He actually said that the IV hurts more than the spinal block (which i laughed at – yeah right!). Then they took me into surgery.

Once I got into the operating room, the had me scoot over from the bed I was in and onto the operating table. As I was doing that, I saw my husband walk out of the operating room!! I freaked out a bit and said “where is my husband going?!?!” The nurse said that they needed him to wait outside while I got my spinal and got situated. I really wish someone had told me that ahead of time! Then came the time I was more nervous about – the spinal block! eeeekkkkk! They had me sit with my bottom on the side of the operating table with my legs hanging over the side. The nurse stood in front of me and they had me put my arms on her shoulders (like i was hugging her) and curl my back. The anesthesiologist walked me through everything he was doing and, aside from a quick pinch and a tiny bit of stinging, I didn’t feel anything! When he was done, they helped me swing my legs back on the table and lay back – I was then numb from below my breasts to my toes! Things moved pretty fast from there.

My husband came back in and sat on a chair by my head. My doctor came in. She said “testing 1,2,3….I just gave you a couple hard pinches, did you feel them?” to which I responded – nope! And off they went. There was no pain what-so-ever. There was some pressure as they manipulated my belly around to get to my son. It did not hurt but was a bit strange feeling. I remember the anesthesiologist saying “get ready with the camera, Dad”. My husband got some great photos of my son coming out. It all happened so fast! I was wheeled into surgery at 12:15 and at 12:28 my son was born! Then my husband followed my son over to this little side table where the on call pediatrician checked him out. At that point, I could hear his beautiful screams!! I asked “is he all good? 10 fingers? 10 toes? 2 balls?”. My husband said yes and everyone laughed. Once he got all cleaned up, they brought him over to me and I got to see his precious face for the first time! What a moment! The first thing I said to him was “Hi Lucas, I am your mommy” While i was meeting my son, the doctor was fixing up my incision – I had dissolvable stitches and glue.

I was wheeled into post op and spent a couple hours there. Then the wheeled me up to what they called “The Mother/Baby” wing – where we would spend the next 3 days. By then the spinal block was wearing up and I started to feel a bit of pain. They gave me good pain meds and it helped a lot. The anesthesiologist warned me that I might feel a bit nauseous as the spinal block wore off and he was right! I actually threw up 5 or 6 times which was not comfortable after a C-Section. It was only for about an hour and then I was much better!

All in all, I had a really amazing C-Section experience! The recovery was a bit longer but only about 2 weeks.

Couple of things that were great recovering from C-section were

  • Gauze roll with Vaseline to put over incision site
  • Waste wrap binder that the hospital provided
  • High wasted Always underwear, like these.

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