My Hospital Stay

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I was in the hospital for 3 full days after my C-Section. After I was out of surgery and recovered a bit in post-op, they wheeled me over to the Mother/Baby unit. We had a nice big room with a chair that folded out into a bed for my husband. I was in a lot of pain that first night and pretty nauseous that first afternoon/night. I had imagined that our family would come to visit but honestly, I was not feeling up to visitors. So, the first night it was just the 3 of us. We had a great staff of nurses. We had a different nurse every 12 hours or so and never saw the same nurse twice. The nurses would come in every couple hours to check on me and on baby and they were all AMAZING! They would ask me my pain level on a scale of 1-10 every time they would come give me pain meds.

I had a lactation specialist come in a couple times to try and work with us on breast feeding and after 3 failed attempts getting my son to latch, I decided I would pump and supplement with formula. I had no idea that the hospital would provide pumps and all the materials needed to pump. It was great to not have to send my husband home to get my pump. My milk was still coming in and I would pump as often as I could.

The first night was pretty surreal. The nurse that night said she wanted me to get up and walk that night and I thought NO WAY!! It took a bit of work and the initial pushing up to stand and sitting down hurt the most. Once I was up, it was actually OK. She took me into the connected bathroom and helped clean me up and put my mesh panties and GIANT maxi pad on. Once I was all cleaned up and back in bed, then we were on our own with baby for the night. It was comforting to know that there was a full staff of medical professionals on the other side of the door just in case. When the baby would wake up, my husband would un-swaddle him, change him, re-swaddle him, get is breast milk bottle out of fridge (or grab a ready to feed formula bottle), then hand the baby to me to feed him and burp him. I loved cuddling with him and slept with him on my chest that whole first night (and, to be honest, many more days in the future).

Then, bright and early the next morning, the nurse was in to check on us and give me my meds. My parents and my husband’s parents all came to visit and meet the baby. We also got our first visit from our son’s pediatrician. My doctor also came by to check my incision and how I was recovering. Later that afternoon, my night nurse came in and said they were going to take my catheter out (which meant I would have to GET UP to use the restroom!) So, later that night, she did just that. They were concerned I was a bit dehydrated so they had me drinking a TON of water – which meant a TON of trips to the bathroom to pee. Annoying but necessary for me to get used to getting up and down and moving around. That first night, with the help of my husband, I was able to take a shower!! That was AMAZING!! It is really amazing how much wonder a nice shower and clean hair can bring.

The next day, we had a few more visitors and my husband was able to go home and shower and change his clothes. I was also able to get up and do a couple laps around our wing of the hospital. I was pretty slow and hunched over but it felt good to get out and move around. We saw my son’s pediatrician again and my doctor came by to check in.

The last day, my doctor came by to check on me. I told her I was really worried because I had not pooped yet…LOL! She said it totally normal and the bowels do not usually start moving until 3 days after surgery. I have suffered from constipation for many years and was really concerned about the pain pill contributing to this. In preparation of that, I had packed in my hospital bag, some stool softeners (which I was taking 2 times a day) and Benefiber (which I was mixing into my water once each morning). Sure enough, it all paid off and my doctor was right – by mid-day everything was “moving” again. 🙂 Around mid-day was when they took my son to be circumcised. When they wheeled him away, I cried. It was the longest 30 minutes ever. When they brought him back, he was all red faced and sucking on his pacifier like crazy. Poor little guy. It was so sad to see! He got over it quickly though thankfully. At about 3pm, they said I was ready to go. We signed all the paper work, and got my prescriptions. My husband went to get the car and my son and I waited for a nurse to wheel us downstairs. The nurse brought a wheelchair over, wheeled us by the nurses station where they removed the little Lo-Jack around my son’s ankle, and took us down to the car. We gingerly loaded my son into the car, I carefully got into the car, and then we were headed home.

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