Bringing home baby

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That moment when the nurse wheels you to the hospital doors, you gingerly put baby into their newly installed car seat, you get in the car, look at your significant other (or whomever is with you) and say “now what?!”

My experience in bringing baby home and learning our new “normal”. We were still getting to know our little newborn and he was adjusting to this new world.

Here is the Glow app I used to track feedings, diaper changes and such

I pumped for 3 months and we supplemented with formula. We had lots of issues finding the best formula. Once we found the right one, it made a huge difference for our son.

We tried 3 different formula’s-
Enfamil PREMIUM Gentlease
Enfamil Enspire
Similac Alimentum – This was what we ended up with and worked AMAZING for our son!

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