When Baby Gets Sick

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My son has been in daycare since he was 3 months old and gets colds a LOT (a couple times a months!). This is a HUGE bummer for him but also for Mom and Dad! 😦 I get a cold with most of his colds!

For nose congestion, there isn’t a TON you can do for them when they are super young.

We use Nose Frida. This works extremely well to clear nose/throat mucus and can really shorten the length of colds. Head over to my Instagram or Facebook for a little video review of the Nose Frida. We also really like, Cold Calm. The works great with runny nose and stuff nose and are all natural.

For chest congestion, we use a warm steam humidifier with Vapopad insert. I will also put baby vaporub on his chest and covered feet at night. Cool mist humidifier works great too. We have used both. We also have this Crane cool mist humidifier. We found that the cool mist humidifier made our son’s room a bit cooler so we switched to a warm mist humidifier for the winter. A couple words of caution for the warm mist – since they have boiling water in them, they can pose a great burn risk if it is too close to baby (we put ours on a stool in the middle of our son’s room – many feet away from his crib). If you want to put near crib, I would recommend sticking with a cool mist humidifier.

For coughs, we also use Zarbee’s cough and mucus and this really helps make coughs productive. They make one for babies UNDER one and another for babies OVER one (which have honey). My son was not a huge fan of the infant Zarbee’s – I think he didn’t like the agave flavor. Now that he is over 1, and can have honey, he really likes the Zarbee’s couch syrup with honey. He takes it very easily. When he has a cold we use one for helping with mucus during the day and a calming cough suppressant type one at night.

My son has had 2 ear infections recently. Both times, his daycare called because he had a high fever (102 degrees). I went and picked him up at daycare and took him straight to urgent care. My son rarely gets fevers and, when he does, they are in the high 90s and not 100s. So, I knew that 102 was unusual. Both times, the doctor checked the, eyes, throat, chest, nose and then ears…sure enough, the ears were bright red! These days, it can be more common practice to “wait and see” with prescribing antibiotics for ear infections. They can sometimes be viral and can clear up on their own. Also, antibiotics won’t help a viral ear infection. Both times, the doctor gave us a prescription for 10 days of liquid Amoxicillin (antibiotics) and said we can start right away or wait and see if it clears up on it’s own. There are pros and cons to both. For me, I was OK with giving him the antibiotics because he was in so much discomfort and I worried that by waiting, it would just be more discomfort for him. On the other hand, I have heard horror stories about kids getting terrible diarrhea from antibiotic, which I was really worried about. Thankfully he did fine with the antibiotics. We gave him infant Motrin for a couple days to help with the pain and then once the antibiotics started working there was no need for the Motrin. See my post HERE all about Ear Infections.

My son has also had a stomach bug a few times where he was vomiting for a day or 2. This made me so sad because I felt so helpless. All I could really do was try to comfort him. Our doctor said to make sure to offer plenty of fluids and Pedialyte to keep him hydrated. We made sure he was able to get plenty of rest and stayed hydrated and it passed in a day or so.

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