Diapers and Diaper Rash

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Once our son started on solid foods, we have had a real struggle with Diaper Rash. Now, at 15 months, it has finally started to get better! It’s hard to know what was causing the rash, besides the obvious – poop or pee sitting on his skin in a moist and dark environment. There were certain foods that we found would cause his poop to be more acidic and cause a bright red rash. Those were certain fruits and carrots (of all things!) If we avoided those foods, things were better but still not great!

Since the hospital, we have had him in Pampers Swaddlers diapers. They have been GREAT for us. We rarely have had ANY leaks – sometimes overnight (but very little). I think they are very soft and comfortable.

We have been using Desitin diaper cream with every diaper change just in case. It is a great protector and barrier. It works out great most of the time which has been great! Keeps the rashes away and he (and I) are much happier.

When his diaper rashes did flare up and get really bad, we would try to let him go without a diaper for 15-20 minutes, a couple times a day. This REALLY helped clear the rash up. We have hardwood floor in our house, so I would just have to follow him around to mop up when he pees (and one time he pooped!) on the floor! No big deal really. I could always see after just 10 minutes getting air on his skin, it was already way less red and angry!

Today, at almost 1 and a half years old, he still can get bad diaper rash. I have usually been able to pinpoint it to something he has eaten. Something to think about as you give your kiddo new food is usually 24 – 36 hours later, you will see that in their poop. If there is something in the food that is irritating their stomach or intestines, you may see more acidity in the poop and more likely diaper rash. When my son starts to get diaper rash, I try to think back to the previous day or 2 days and see if he had any new foods. That is usually a good start.

Its really important to keep the area clean (especially when there is a rash going!). Bathes and rinsing can be tough if they are super raw because it hurts them. My son usually LOVES the bath but some nights, he would try to jump out of the bath and just cry so hard because it hurt him so much! Those nights I would try to make the water a bit on the cooler side and just do a quick patting of soap on his bottom and rinse. Once he was out of bath, I would usually let him walk/crawl around naked for a while to dry the area ( I have read some people would use a hair dryer on low setting – but that was not for me). I would then gently pat his bottom with a soft cloth to make sure it was totally dry. Next would come a THICK layer of Desitin before the diaper. If it was a yeast rash, I would put the medicated cream on under the Desitin. My son’s rash would ALWAYS be way better (if not gone) by the morning.

Baby Bum – great diaper cream brush/spatula. Keeps hands clean and makes diaper cream application super easy!

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