Baby Must Have’s

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In this podcast, I talk about all the things that are my “must-have’s” baby things and some things I just loved having with my my son. I am not sponsored by any of these, I just really like them all! Check out my below lists with links to where to buy (mostly Amazon)-

1. Owlett sock – this is a Velcro sock that you can put on baby’s foot. It measures their blood oxygen and heart rate while they are sleeping. It alerts you via a base station and mobile phone app if those levels go outside safe range. This gave me great piece of mind.

2. Swaddle me swaddles. We would double swaddle with this one underneath and then this aden and anais swaddle blanket wrapped around it. He slept SO much better that way

3. Aiden and Anais snap bibs – they snap around their neck for bottle feeding or breast feeding. Keeps their little necks and chest dry from milk dribble. We still use these, we have at least 12 of them

4. Gerber cloth diapers for spit up rags. They are great and super soft

5. Ergo 360 baby carrier. The BEST

6. Stroller – I got the Chicco bravo keyfit 30 travel system (with infant carseat and stroller) and I regret it. Infant car seat was nice but the stroller did not work well for all the walking we did! We got the Bob Rambler stroller and its AWESOME! It also has a converter for a variety of different infant carseats. You could also get a convertible carseat which will last you from baby – toddler. The main benefit of the infant car seat is that it easy comes in and out of car (usually you install a base for it in your car and the car seat snaps in it super easy), where the convertible car seat is much bigger and stays in your car.

7. Hatch changing pad scale. This is pretty neat to have because it is a foam changing pad but also a scale. So you can weigh him

8. Play mat

9. Bouncer

10. Baby bath – baby can’t have his first full bath until his umbilical cord stump comes off, which takes 1-2 weeks. Until that happens, you can give him a little sponge bath. When he is ready for a bath, you can bath him in sink but I was always so worried about the cleanliness of the sink and just felt better having him in his own little baby bath. This is the one we have and we love it. He was in it over the kitchen sink until he splashed TOO much and then we left him in this tub but just put it in the big bathroom bathtub.

11. Mirror for car – since kiddos have to be in rear facing seats until about 2 years old (or until they reach 40 pounds OR 40 inches tall) its nice to have a mirror on the back of the headrest so you can see them easily from the rearview mirror. There are a TON out there, but we have this one and its pretty good-

12. Stroller/carseat toy chain – these are great to link together and clip onto the stroller or carseat so toys don’t go far. Not really needed until he gets older and is able to throw things

13. Dishwasher bottle pieces insert – Good for small pieces, like bottle nipple and such

14. Bottle warmer – We had this one and it worked great! We only used it for a bit though. There is no medical or nutritional reason why milk (breast milk or formula has to be warm). It’s just baby preference (most babies who are breastfed from the breast get used to warm milk). Since I never breastfed (only pumped and bottle fed) we got our son used to cool bottles which was a LOT easier for us. When we made him bottles, we just used filter water from fridge, mix in formula, give it a shake and he is good. If you do want to warm bottles do NOT microwave them as that can create hot spot pockets in bottle and burn baby. Best to just put bottle in cup of warm water.

15. Bottles – We initially went with Phillips Avent but our son would not drink out of them. Luckily I had a couple Dr Brown bottles that he DID drink out of. If you do end up getting bottles, try not to get a ton of one brand (because he may not like them). I would get a few of 2 brands and just see what works. Our son was really gassy/Colicky and these are GREAT at helping prevent that as much as possible. Overall I am very pleased with Dr Brown – the downside is that they have 5 pieces per bottle (not counting the bottle cap – if you count that, its 6) so it’s a lot to clean but if you have a dishwasher, no biggie. They come in 2, 4 and 8 oz bottles (I didn’t know about the 2 oz ones until later). We only had the 4 oz and now the 8oz. You could of course just get 8 oz ones, but they are HUGE. I would suggest 4 and 8 oz.

16. Hand Sanitizer – we still have these everywhere – on the changing table, by the bottles, and in the living room. Helps for clean hands before making bottles, pumping and changing. You could of course just wash your hands but this is faster. I LOVE everything by the brand Babyganics

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