Baby Teething

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Teething is a real pain (literally) for baby AND mom and dad. This podcasts details our teething experience as well as tips to soothe the pain and discomfort for baby.

I noticed that my son started wanting to chew on everything at about 3 months. He would stick his hands, feet, toys, you name it in his mouth. Babies can feel the pressure from teeth coming LONG before you see the tooth about to pop through. At almost 6 months was when my sons first 2 teeth popped in. Bottom front teeth. At about 8 months the top 2 front teeth come through. Shortly after, at about 9 months, the two teeth on either side of his bottom front teeth came in. At 10 months, the teeth on either side of his front top teeth came in. At 12 months, his molars and canine teeth started to come in. Now at 15 months, he has 1 molar and canine all the way in and another molar and canine about to come in.

The molars have seemed to have caused him the most discomfort but thankfully it does not last long. The teething signs that I noticed was him chewing more, drooling more, gums would start to swell a bit (this is the point where my son would get cranky!). Shortly after gums swell up, I would see a little tooth under the gum. When the tooth starts to break through the gum, sometimes his gum would bleed a tiny bit. Once the tooth breaks through, the discomfort goes almost completely away.

As I mention in the podcast, here are the links to the publications about Orajel and Amber Necklaces (no judgement- you use what you think is best!) I just want to provide the research and details.

A couple of our favorite teethers that are currently in our freezer (and the freezer at our son’s daycare)-

  1. Banana Teether
  2. Hand Teether
  3. Keys Teether

This teether I find is GREAT for his molars.

Teething Medicine we use (always speak to your pediatrician about anything you give to your baby and following dosing instructions)

  1. Baby Motrin or Baby Tylenol
  2. Camilia

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