Baby Car seats

Unless you plan on never leaving your house (which is NOT the case for most people), choosing the right car seat is very important! There are a ton of brands out there, and each parents will have their own preference. There are a couple different TYPES of car seats,

  1. Infant car seat – these are usually used for young infants and are great when your kiddo isn’t very mobile yet. Most of them, have a base piece that is anchored into car and the car seat clicks in and out of base. This allows carrying baby in car seat with you when you get out of car. Most models also click into a stroller-either that brand stroller or another brand that has an adapter. Infant care seats are always rear facing. We had Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Seat (with an extra base in my husband’s care) and we LOVED it, but once our son got a bit heavier, it was hard for me to carry in and out of car. So, we got the convertible one.
  2. Convertable Carseat – these can be used from newborn all the way to toddlerhood. Unlike the Infant car seat, they are made to stay in the car (they do not have a base). These start out as rear facing and can then be turned around to face forward. Please check instructions on your car seat on when is best to turn car seat around. General rule is when you child is 40 inches tall, 40 lbs, or 2 years old (whatever comes first), but research shows that it is safest when they are little to have them rear facing. See a great article here from American Academy of Pediatrics regarding car seats.

An extremely important part of the car seat that most parents don’t always think about is having Emergency Contact Info attached to the car seat in an easy to read spot. My father is a retired fireman and he says that info is very helpful to have on hand. If you have a younger child that cannot speak in full sentences, it’s to helpful to have this information available to emergency personnel if an accident were to occur and mom or dad were unconscious.

Ours has-

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s date of birth
  • Child’s city/state of residence
  • Mom’s name
  • Mom’s phone
  • Dad’s name
  • Dad’s phone
  • 3-4 other emergency contact names and numbers
  • Child’s pediatrician name and number
  • Child’s allergies or medications taken

Equally as important as the car seat is the other “gear” you travel with on a day to day basis.

Check out my youtube video of our car seat layout

What we have in the car that we love- (links to Amazon)

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat
Car Seat Mat
Window Roller Shade
Easy Baby travel totes
Rear View Mirror / tablet holder

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