When baby gets sick – ear infections

It all started with a little cold. My son had the sniffles, which, being in daycare all day 5 days a week, is pretty standard.

Last weekend he was super fussy in the afternoon and had a slight fever. he has some teeth coming in so I didn’t think much of it. That night he went to bed like normal and feel asleep pretty quickly. An hour later he was awake screaming. had a fever again. We gave him some Motrin, I rocked him a bit in the rocking chair and then he went right back to sleep. He was up 3 or 4 more times that night which was so strange. We thought maybe his cold was making it hard to breath. This behavior continued the next few nights.

We took him to see his Pediatrician and they said he did have a little fluid in both ears but could be from a virus. He suggested we keep an eye on it for the next few days.

We did and it all got worse. Higher fevers, more night wakings, more fussy. We took him back to doctor and they said it had turned into a bad double ear infection. We started him on antibiotics and 2 days later, fevers are gone and he is back to sleeping great through the night.

Night sleep is the deepest sleep for babies. I knew something was off when he kept waking up. Should have guessed ears. There is a lot of pressure when they lay down flat. Although that pressure alone may not wake them up, it can make it hard to get good sleep or go back to sleep between their sleep cycles.

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