Feeding Baby Part II – Introducing Solids

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We started introducing our son to solids at about 5 months. Our son loved his bottles and guzzled his formula but would also look really interested in what we were eating. We would frequently see his eyes tracking us taking food from our plates and putting it in our mouths.

Our Pediatrician recommended that we start introducing solids with infant rice cereal. Infant cereals are fortified with extra iron to help keep baby’s iron stores up. We started out with this Gerber brand. It is recommended, when you first start solids with baby, to introduce one solid at a time and stick with that one for multiple days. Since my husband and I both work during the week, we would give our son the rice cereal on the weekend.

At 5 months, my son was having an 6 oz bottle every 3 hours or so. Those were about at -6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm (they were adjusted based on his naps). We decided to try the rice cereal after the 12pm bottle. So for that feeding, we would mix up a 6 oz bottle, pour about .5-1 oz intro a bowl (to use for cereal after bottle) and give him his bottle. We would wait for 20-30 minutes, and then mix the cereal with the formula we saved. We started out just mixing in a tiny bit of rice cereal – the consistency was very soupy liquid. This was just to get our son a taste of it. We initially did just 3 spoonfuls in order to not overfeed him and to make sure he did not have a reaction. He had no issues, so the next day we did 4 spoonfuls.

We did this each weekend for the first month. Each weekend we would add a tiny bit more rice cereal in to thicken the consistency a bit. As I mentioned above, infant cereals have extra iron added to them, which is great. Unfortunately, for our son, this added iron caused a bit of constipation. We added a tiny bit of prune or pear juice to his cereal to help with this and it worked well!

Once our son was doing well with rice cereal (at about 6 months) we started introducing Gerber purees. At first, we did the same as the cereal – would give him a couple oz of baby food after his mid-day bottle. We would also only give him one type of puree at a time. We started with veggies and then did fruit. He loved them so much! At almost 7 months, we upped him to 8oz formula bottles and replaced his mid-day bottle with 2 packs (or about 4 oz) of Gerber Stage 1 purees. Sometimes we would mix a little rice cereal in with these but once my son had a taste of purees, he wasn’t really interested in the cereal anymore!

After we finished all those, I tried out the Happy Baby Pouches and I really liked them and so did my son! I found that these had a bit more variety of fruits, veggies and nutrients. These were also much easier to take on the go. To this day (at 15 months) I still occasionally give me son one of these as a snack. Now he is able to suck it out of the pouch if I help him. When he was younger though we would always put it into a bowl and use a spoon to feed him. Some people I know would also squeeze out of pouch onto spoon- this allows less waste as you case put the cap on and save the uneaten portion in the fridge for a day.

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