Feeding Baby Part 3 – Solids and Milk

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By about 8 months, we were doing breakfast and lunch solids with my son. We were still doing bottles in between as well. We were doing a few puree pouches mixed with some infant cereal for breakfast and then chicken and veggies for lunch. We would usually get pre-cooked chicken breast strips and just cut them into small pieces and mix them with either small broccoli pieces or green peas. We would also sometimes get a cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and break that up into small pieces. He loved it!

At about 9 months, my son started having a lot of tummy troubles. We took him to see his pediatrician and they suggested we take him to see a pediatric allergist. The allergist ordered some blood tests to test for specific allergens. The blood test results showed he was allergic to dairy and peanuts. The allergist then did a skin test, which also confirmed the same. They said to keep him off dairy and peanuts for 6 months and then test again.

At 1 year I was planning to move him from formula to whole milk. Once I found out about his allergy to dairy, I did a ton of research into milk alternatives and decided to go with Ripple – plant based milk. I found that this was the closest to real milk nutrient-wise.

Once my son’s 1 year birthday came around, we decided to make the switch. We decided to not only switch to milk but ditch the bottle too. At this point, he was really only drinking 3 bottles a day – 1 first thing in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 1 right before bed. On the first day we switched, we put his formula in a straw cup instead of a bottle. That worked great! We did that for another 2 days. Then we switched out the formula in the straw cup to Ripple Vanilla milk in the straw cup. He LOVED it! Once we got rid of the bottles, we started doing dinner for him (which eliminated the need for a cup of milk before bed).

His eating schedule is a bit different at home on the weekend and daycare during the week. We are so busy in the morning during the week, that I don’t have a ton of time to make him breakfast so its something quick and easy.

Weekday eating schedule

6:15am – wake and 10 oz cup of milk
6:45 – small breakfast at home (a waffle or mini muffin)
9am- snack at daycare
9:15am – nap #1
11:30- lunch at daycare
1:30pm – nap #2
3:30- snack at daycare6pm- dinner

I send a 10 oz cup of milk to daycare and they give it to him with his snacks and lunch

Weekend Eating schedule

6:15am – wake and 10 oz cup of milk
6:45 – small breakfast at home (a waffle or mini muffin)
8am – big breakfast – fruit, eggs, veggies
9am – nap #1
10:30am – small snack
1pm- big lunch
2pm- nap #2
3pm – snack
6pm – dinner
7pm – bed 

Below are some Amazon links to the cups we like to use-
Munchkin Weighted Straw – cup we used first for his milk. Bottom of straw has a weight that moves when the cup moves so it can be tilted up like a bottle. I didn’t love this because it was hard to clean and really tough for me to open and close
Munchkin 360 cup – cup we use for water with meals
OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup – when certain teeth were coming in, the Munchkin cup was causing my son some discomfort so we switched to this cup for a while. We still have this one in the car for water (because it NEVER spills!
Avent cups – cups we use for milk

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