When Baby Gets Sick – Croup

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It all started with a runny nose and a rash on his stomach. A day later, that turned into a barking cough, wheezing breathing and a fever. At that point, I was pretty sure it was Croup. Croup is a virus that usually accompanies a cold or upper respiratory infection but can be present just on it’s own too. It causes swelling around the voice box (larynx), windpipe (trachea) and bronchial tubes (bronchi). This swelling causes wheezing when breathing and can cause coughing spasms. Click here for a link to Mayo Clinic about Croup.

Our son was having a tough time sleeping at night so we saw the Pediatrician on day 5 and he gave us a steroid to help reduce the swelling. By later that afternoon, his breathing was so much better! That night he went back to sleeping through the night fine. To manage his cough we gave him this Zarbee’s cough syrup. This one has honey and can only be given if baby is over 1 year old. For under 1 year old, we used this Zarbee’s cough syrup that is safe for over 2 months and has agave instead of honey. We also used a warm mist humidifier with these vapo pads for babies. Other than that, we just had to let the virus run it’s course. It was pretty much gone after a week!

Below is an example of what the Croup stridor sounds like.

Example of what the Croup Stridor (inflamed vocal cords) sounds like

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