Immunizations for Baby

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Immunizations has turned into a pretty controversial issue these days. It seems like parents are very passionate on both sides – giving vaccines and not giving vaccines! My opinion is that vaccines are important to baby’s health and I think they should be given. There is scientific proof that vaccines save babies lives – like anything there can be side effects, but in my opinion, that is not a reason to not get them. With that being said, I am not going to judge parents for choosing what is best for their kids – even if that means not vaccinating them. I think that parents who choose to not vaccinate their kids should be extra careful about their child’s interaction with other kids, but again, these are just my opinions.

At almost a year and a half, I am glad that my son is pretty much done with vaccines until he is 4 (before Kindergarten). It’s always sad to see him cry in pain, but in our case, it only lasts for a couple minutes and then he is fine! It is very common for vaccines to cause low grade fevers in the days after it is given. I would always schedule his vaccination doctor appointments for a Friday afternoon so he was home with us all weekend to keep an eye on him. We usually always give him Motrin the night after vaccine to help with soreness.

Earlier this week, I was freaking out a bit wondering if I should be scheduling more vaccines for him. We had done a 12 month wellness check up and then a 15 months wellness check up but nothing since then. I went online to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website and using this link came up with the below chart for immunizations recommended by the CDC.

Using this chart, and my son’s immunization chart, I was able to figure out that the only thing we have left is the 2nd dose of Hep A! Whew!

Thought i would share the links and chart with you all.

Below are some more interesting vaccination links-

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