When Baby Gets Sick – Fever and Roseola

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It’s always terrible when baby gets sick. When baby has a fever and is miserable – that’s terrible. It is not at all uncommon for babies to get fevers out of the blue and with no other symptoms. For us, we can tell our son has a bad enough fever when he wakes up crying at night, naps aren’t great, or is shivering in the bath at night.

I noticed one night last week when i was getting our son out of the bath, he was shivering terribly. Once I got him dressed, I took his temperature – 102.5 degrees F. For sure had a fever. We gave him some Motrin and put him to bed. He proceeded to wake up 3 times that night crying and sweaty with fever! He had no other symptoms except a fever that was high. In my opinion, high is over 101 degrees.

We alternated Motrin and Tylenol to control the fever for the night and they next couple days. Please speak to your pediatrician about this. Babies under 6 months should ONLY take Tylenol. Generally, Motrin is OK for babies over 6 months if you doctor says its OK. Our doctor said Motrin can only be given every 6 hours but Tylenol can be given every 4 and 1 hour after Motrin (if the Motrin is not helping). We would do Motrin generally at 6 am, 12 pm and 6 pm and then Tylenol in between as needed.

We took him to Urgent Care the following day and they checked him out – lungs, ears, eyes, throat. They said his throat was a little red but other than that, everything was normal. His fever broke the next day, but he had almost no appetite – which we attributed to maybe a sore throat?

He went back to school and continued to have little to no appetite, but his fever was gone – or at least not noticeably high. 5 days later, he had another fever of 102. So, we took him back to urgent care and he was fine – no red throat. He also had very loose stool which caused a raging diaper rash!! We treated diaper rash with yeast cream and Desitin and treated fever with Tylenol and Motrin and it broke a couple days later.

The night his fever broke he started breaking out in a rash with small red bumps on his chest and belly. The next morning, the rash had moved to his back, neck and legs. The next day, the rash was gone! Once the rash showed up, I was pretty sure he had had Roseola. When I looked up the symptoms, I was sure of it-

  • High Fever
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Coughing
  • Mild diarrhea
  • Irritable
  • Rash

Below is a link to Mayo Clinic about it-


The good news is that it only lasted a week and the worst part is the fever. The rash can look scary but it does not itch or bother baby. A little over a week after the fever initially started, his appetite is back and he is his normal, rambunctious self!

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