Traveling with Baby

With Labor Day coming up in a couple weeks, I wanted to talk a bit about traveling with baby. My son is almost 2 years old and we didn’t travel much with him and I wish we had. I was so worried about him sticking to his routine or schedule, I was terrified to go anywhere. We did take a couple of small trips to a family home in palm desert. Here are a few things that made the trip that much easier-

Travel time

We would try to leave around the beginning of his nap time in hopes that he will nap in car. Sometimes he did and sometimes he didn’t. If he missed a nap, then we would just put him to bed early that night and all was fine. We have also traveled later at night after bed time. That has worked great. When we arrive at location, one of us will set up the crib and get bed ready while the other stays with baby in car. Once bed is ready, literally just carry baby in from car and lay him down.

Creating optimal sleep environment

We always travel with a pack and play for him to sleep in. We have a pack and play fitted sheet that we keep at home with all our other sheets (this makes it smell like home).

We make sure we pack-

Travel gear rental

I learned that there are amazing companies all over the United States (there may be some outside the world – I just haven’t looked into them). These offer very affordable rental of things like jogging stroller, high chair, pack and play, infant chair. These can be delivered and picked up from your hotel or place you are staying. Pretty neat especially if you are flying somewhere. I never ended up using them but did look into them and they looked great!

Hope you all have a great and safe Labor Day weekend! 🙂

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