When Baby Gets Sick – Pneumonia

My son is at an AMAZING infant center where he is growing and thriving! The downside of a infant center setting is that kids get sick, and then my kid gets sick! It comes with the territory and I have accepted it because my son and I both love it there!

My son had a cough a couple weeks ago but no other symptoms – he had normal energy level, no fever, and sleeping fine. I treated his cough with our favorite Zarbee’s cough syrup (for kids OVER 1 year old). For babies under 1 year, Zarbee’s makes this one without honey. Earlier last week, daycare told me he was not eating great and his naps were really short. I also noticed that the cough sounded worse – it sounded deep and tight – and i just knew something was up. I took him to see his Pediatrician and they said that he had acute Pneumonia which is a small infection in his lungs. Here is a link to the mayo clinic information on Pneumonia. Since my son was acting fine, we went about our day and I picked up his antibiotic prescription that afternoon.

Later that same night, things took a BIG turn. We were out for a walk like we do every evening and my son stopped and wanted to be carried – which was unlike him. I walked home carrying him and thought he felt a bit warm. When we got home, I took his ear temperature and was SHOCKED to see 102.9. I checked the other ear – 103.0!! I started to panic a bit at that point. I gave him Tylenol and then his first dose of Amoxicillin (antibiotics). Then I stripped him down to his diaper and cranked up the air conditioner. I checked his temperature again and it was going up – 103.6! I called the pediatrician night line and spoke with a doctor who said that it is not as concerning since we know that the fever is due to an infection and the antibiotics will treat that. They said that if the fever gets over 104 to take him into the ER. It had been 2 hours since I had given Tylenol so I gave him Motrin and the fever came down to the high 101’s – which was soo much better! That night I slept with him in bed with me because it made me feel better. He slept pretty well and by the morning the fever was still in the 100s but never back in 103 range!

We went in the next day to his pediatrician and got check out. His doctor said we needed to wait to let the antibiotics do their job. It can take up 4-6 doses of antibiotics until the build up in the bloodstream. I also learned that sometimes after the first or second dose of antibiotics, the bacteria can break apart and cause a spike in sickness or fever before the antibiotics start destroying them. Whatever was the case with my son, 4 days into his 10 days of antibiotics and he is doing much better! Fever broke 2 days after it started and cough is getting much better.

I learned from all this that Pneumonia is not something to mess around with and to always trust my “mom gut”!

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