Toddler Meal Prep

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When my son turned 2 years old, he switched rooms at daycare. In this new room, the school provides 2 snacks a day, and the parents provide lunch in a lunch box. In the infant room, where he was previously, we would put food in refrigerator and teachers would heat them up if needed. In the new room, they don’t heat food!

My first concern was that they didn’t heat food! My son was used to having warmed up lunches. As a trial run, I started giving him cold lunches at home, ans he did GREAT! Then, I started sending cold lunches for his last week in the infant room, and he did great there too!

My next concern was what lunch box to get. I did a lot of research and finally settled on the Bentgo Kids Bento Box . I loved it because it had multiple different size compartments, is easy to clean, and all compartments seal individually.

I quickly realized after starting to use this that it took a lot of time to clean and dry each night and then pack lunch for the next day. After poking around some more on the Bentgo site, I found that they sell the bento box inserts with clear snap on lids (link to Bentgo site for those here). They also sell 3 packs of the clear lids. So I bought 3 more of those inserts, 1 pack of clear lids and also one more of the full Bentgo boxes (that already include the insert). I also bought the Bentgo lunch box and ice packs.

Check out links below on Amazon of all the gear-

  1. Bentgo Kids Box
  2. Bentgo Kids Inserts with Lids
  3. Bentgo Lunchbox
  4. Bentgo Ice Packs

Now I was able to pack a week’s worth of lunch’s! It takes about 30 minutes on the weekend and I have a whole week of lunches in the refrigerator, ready to go.

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